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A Rose for Emily Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

A Rose for Emily - Research Paper Example This situation injured Emily and her world was divided into before and after. Representing the main character the author makes an allusion to the New South. By such type of personification and allusion the author shows the New South as independent and mighty fighter for rights. The story is worth-discussing, thus the given paper will try to answer the question why Emily arouses sympathy with readers notwithstanding that she is a murderer. The first issue that will be discussed is the correlation of past and present as well as their confrontation. The main heroine Emily still lived in her past, thus she suffered a lot. She was not ready to get rid of the ties, which were important for her. From this side the murder of Homer can be easily explained. She did it intentionally. He was her lover and she wanted to keep him and the feeling, so the best way to do that was to murder him. The reader can feel a motif of independence and superciliousness. Emily scorned all the tittle-tattles abou t her private and social life that appeared in the town. Her relations with her beloved Homer belonged to her private life and the main problem of her social life was her refusal to pay taxes that became the subject of gossips. The act of murder can be interpreted as a symbol of independence. We can notice that this independence is also portrayed in her appearance. â€Å"She carried her head high enough - even when we believed that she was fallen. It was as if she demanded more than ever the recognition of her dignity as the last Grierson; as if it had wanted that touch of earthiness to reaffirm her imperviousness† (p.82). Iron-grey hear of Emily arouses a number of associations. Emily tried to live and conduct her personal life without any superstitions. The important question is what the hidden sense is and how it was depicted by the author. There are a lot of interpretations that refer to the plot of this story, its concealed meaning and secret sense. It is essential one s hould pay special attention to the methods and devices, which were applied by the author to create intrigue. Faulkner is not only a great narrator, but also a master of symbolism and characterization (O'Connor). It was mentioned that the iron-grey hair of Emily symbolized strength and independence. Another important symbol is the rose. It is one of the main and the most significant symbols in the story. If to analyze the story deeper it is possible to see that characters of the story are the prototypes of Old and New South (Fetterley 194). In order to understand the character of the main heroine better, it is essential to pay special attention to Homer Barron; the author depicted him as one of those men who liked to drink with younger guys. Women usually do not like such behavior and Emily was not an exception: â€Å""She will persuade him yet," because Homer himself had remarke

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